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Jan/02/2018: After six long years of service and two full-wipes, ceto, ceres, varda, and have all shut down. They will be missed.

Oct/31/2016: All services have had their SSL certificates redone at

May/31/2016: varuna and ixion have shut down. Please donate to cover the running costs of this site using the link above.

Apr/16/2016: Services in danger of shutting down. Please donate using the link above.

Apr/03/2016: Purged some old DNS records and fixed some things. Message me if you're not able to access something on the site.

May/06/2015: I fixed the site's ugly CSS! Woohoo! It only took me this long!

May/04/2015: I moved some files around on the servers so the webservers should be a bit more stable


GaleForce Games

High-velocity, high-availability gaming.


PSO2 English Translation Patch by Agrajag and Friends.

PSO2 Tweaker by AIDA.

fix pso2

PSO2 Troubleshooting Guide

Written to fix common issues with your game.


IRC Stats and logs for certain channels

Contact me on IRC to have your channel added.


Web-development projects and other things.

Lots of interesting things!